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Raised in the Chicago area, Myra Toth studied at The Art Institute of Chicago during her high school years.  She attended Mills College (B.A.) and San Francisco State University (M.A. in Ceramics) and has studied with Antonio Prieto, Robert Arneson, Peter Vandenberge and Ruth Duckworth, among others. Myra has taught art and ceramics for grades 6-12 and at the university level in Chicago as well as ceramics and design at Santa Rosa Junior College. She has been teaching ceramics at Ventura College since 1976.

Myra has participated in editing three ceramics texts. Her artwork has been published in Ceramics Monthly, Art and Antiques, and in the Taiwanese publication of Contemporary Ceramics. Her sculptures have been exhibited nationally in shows and in galleries in the San Francisco/Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles and southern California. She was a founding member of ARC, the first women's gallery in Chicago in 1973. Myra's work is in many private collections.

Of particular interest to Myra is the investigation of the infinite possibilities of form, clays, glazes and techniques that are available for the personal expression of the ceramic artist. Her enthusiasm for the medium is expressed in her teaching as well as in her artwork.

Mary Galbraith from the Focus on the Masters wrote:

"Myra Toth, retired Ventura College professor of Ceramics and longtime friend of Beatrice Wood is a bit of an alchemist, at home with hundreds of jars filled with chemicals that transform clay into objects of stunning beauty. These playful, imaginative pieces, some aglow with lustrous glazes, remind us of the essence of an ocean scene, or allow us to eavesdrop on the conversation of two women. To say that Myra draws her inspirations from nature somewhat misses the point. Myra is able, in a most intimate way, to connect twigs, branches, ears of corn or a bird's nest with clay, taking us with her on a spiritual journey. Conical figures, made of clay strips, suggest protection, warmth or isolation. Myra reminds us that the art of ceramics, whether functional or decorative, is a reflection of how the artist feels. Her work has the ability to transfer that feeling to the viewer, to catch us unaware, to help us find our way in the natural and spiritual realms she explores." 

Myra maintains her private Pyramid Studio in Ojai, California.

Pyramid Studio
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Pyramid Studio
Pyramid Studio
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